Asking for more

Have you found yourself having a complete and utter bitchfest? I’ve literally sat ant my desk and wrote a list of everything in my life that I felt was shit. I literally named the list “shitty is as shitty does”. As you imagine, I was in a particularly mercurial mood this day. I remember it starting with a string of “first world problems” that started with my dog vomiting on the carpet and a “not so perfect” coffee order. This somehow spiraled into the self-deprecating “shitty is as shitty does” list. FYI Instagram can provide an ample amount of empirical data in this area.

To add insult to injury, I decided to consult my instagram feed to precisely establish exactly how much of life I was missing out on (smart, I know). JesusMUSAT have been on the main line because I was stopped mid-bitch. I was then slapped with the knowledge that my current state was solely a reflection of the standards that I held. My surroundings and circumstance were the physical manifestation of my standards and self-worth. I was immediately hit with the reality that my life would improve as soon as I upgraded my standards. Up to that point, I was ok with the quality of my life. I’d gotten used to living on edge. I was fine was having just enough to support myself and my activities. It wasn’t until that bitchfest that I acknowledged that I was in the exactly where I was supposed to be. I knew that I would remain there until I decided that it wasn’t good enough for me.

What areas do you need to increase your standards? Why aren’t you requiring more out of life?

I’ve been actively engaged in improving my standards. I felt I was making progress until this happened….. WATCH NOW

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