For the Passive Visionary…..

There are so many pleasantly purposeful and productive people out in the world. They take on their lives and potential by storm. They stay focused, productive, positive, and they push forward. They don’t stop until they have received all of what life has for them. They are motivated beyond belief and their energy is infectious. If you are that person, this blog post isn’t for you. IMG_3150

I’m talking to the person who hasn’t tapped into their full potential. I’m talking to the person who has big dreams and goals but their insecurity stops them from following through with their ideas.  Give me the person who has all of the intelligence, skill, and influence in the world, but they aren’t playing full out. I want the person who is looking at what everyone else and deciding that they don’t add up. I want that person because that person was me. We need to get together to break out of that self-containment system and to get some wins in life. Suffering and challenges in life are guaranteed. Therefore, you have to put forth the effort to catch some WINS (I’m tired of taking L’s… aren’t you?)

Today you have to decide to stop doubting yourself. There is nothing to doubt anyway. Only good things can come from trying. You either the experience necessary to develop your next strategy or you will have a win. Either way, you are still winning and living your life. Show gratitude for your life and the air that you are breathing by actively engaging your potential. That means, that you have to start working your skills and gifts and start applying them toward your community, organization, job, relationships, or new business. Someone had to pay for your gifts in order for you to have them. So it is your RESPONSIBILITY to begin to work with it.

What is even more frustrating is that your insecurity, procrastination, and fear directly correlates to the EXCEPTIONAL SKILLS AND GIFTS THAT YOU HAVE. Just like a baby fighting against birth, you are fighting against your visions and dreams. It’s time for that part of you to give up the ghost (old saying that means to die). We are going to start the process today! Fill out this goal sheet (by hand if you can…..something magical happens when we write… neuroscience backs up this statement but I’m too tired to go look for the particulars….but please feel free:). I PROMISE that you will see results by following this outline. It is practical and easy to follow. I created it to get your mind and actions moving in the same direction as your potential.

If you have any additional questions or would like 1 on 1 coaching regarding this matter, please reach out to me.


Until then,



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