Start with Intention

Start with your intention

I get so off track so easily.  I  begin my day with a plan and schedule. I’m either off track or months pass and I’m nowhere closer my PERSONAL life’s vision. I’m learning that when you aren’t forming your world, you aren’t giving your best to others either.


My Old Routine:

7:00 AM – Sit in bed and think about what I’m grateful for. Read some scriptures.

7:30 AM – Feeling guilty about everything I’m not doing right

7:45 AM – Brushing teeth and getting ready while thinking “I am a Queen who makes mistakes.” (didn’t last long right)

8:00 AM – Run to the coffee maker and decide whether I’m going Brazilian, Cuban or Coffee from the boot (Louisiana).

8:30 AM – Review my to do’s for the day.

9:00 AM – Started my to do’s

9:15 AM – I’m already distracted putting out fires through email.

9:30 AM – Phone calls start… now I’m helping out a client.

10:00 AM – Performing tasks for the said client.

10:30 AM – Distracted by personal calls.

11:00 AM – Asking myself where the time is going… guilt is kicking in.

12:00 PM – What’s for lunch?

1:00 PM – Need another cup of coffee and more water.

1:30 PM – Getting back on track

Next thing you know… I’ve done everything for everyone else and I’m nowhere close to my goals.

I need a sense of accomplishment and forward motion. That is how I protect my energy and motivation.  People only get discouraged when they don’t see growth. We become apathetic and demotivated if they continue in that state. I can’t allow that to happen.

I need more life.  I need to feel my growth.  My dreams have to get closer. Therefore I start my day thinking about what I want. I schedule my day with all of that in mind. Most importantly, I KEEP SCORE. I recognize  the small accomplishments. The big moments are too far spread apart.

Here is how I stay on track. There is power in intention and words. Write it down and make it plain!!!!


Hope this helps!

Print Your Copy of “Intentional Daily”



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