What do you want?


IMG_1957What do you want? I’ve asked myself this questions for the past decade.  I always gave the answer the person wanted to hear, but I never revealed my deepest desires. Why? Because I was scared of the answer myself.

Acknowledging your deepest desires requires you to have complete and utter honesty with yourself. This was always a scary notion for me.  The moment I began to feel the joy of that dream, I became immediately aware of the pain of not succeeding.  As a result, I would create plans and creating goals that look good on paper and to friends but only gave me a lukewarm sense of accomplishment. Next thing you know, I succeeded at the task, take fake pictures, post it, cross it off of my list, and a day or so later I was back to feeling uninspired and lost. Sound Familiar?  Here are a few thoughts that I had to internalize.


  1. Know that there is NO ONE single path to success.  People from every walk of life and circumstance are running toward their visions every day.  The only common denominator they have is a strong self-image and the will to do what it takes.
  2.  You are dreaming and fantasizing for a reason.                                                              I am not crazy and neither is my subconscious. There is a reason why I would have the same dreams and visions for my life regularly. If it were impossible for me to live that life or if the goal was too difficult for me to handle, I wouldn’t have the ability to imagine it. For example, I cannot envision mathematical equations and various forms of calculus, therefore I don’t dream about being an engineer. It’s not that I can’t acquire the mental capacity. It’s the simple fact that it isn’t a part of my life’s journey. (All the C’s I received in math doesn’t help either)
  3. You will never be satisfied or experience peace until you are actively acting out your purpose.                                                                                                                       Nothing was ever enough. It didn’t matter how many pats on the back I received. I never felt peace or fulfillment. Why? Because I wasn’t moving towards the life that I wanted. I wasn’t actively involved in impacting the world around me. I wasn’t helping to alleviate the problems that I saw in my community. It wasn’t until I engaged with my visions that I began to experience peace, freedom of thought, and creativity. If that is not enough, know that THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ABSOLUTELY NEED YOU TO ENGAGE THAT DREAM. You are the answer to someone’s challenges.
  4. You aren’t as far away as you think you are.                                                                      I have clients who believed that they were 5,000 miles walked away from their goal. You are a few mindsets tweaks and actions away from starting your climb. The rest of your life is waiting for you to start making those changes.
  5. EVERYTHING we do is a process.                                                                                 Every habit, every mindset, and our character has been developed over the course of time. Your plans and actions will need time to develop and come to fruition. Focus on what is in front of you. Am I making the best decisions today? What actions will bring me an inch closer to my reality?  Ask yourself, “what do I have now”? “What investment CAN I make today in order to get closer to the life that I want?”
  6. Visualize & Remind.                                                                                                                 Every day you will be bombarded with messages about how impossible it is. Remember if it were impossible, you wouldn’t be able to see it! You can’t feel things that are impossible. You must remind yourself of the vision and how SWEET it will be when it happens.  Make notes, mockups, posters (whatever works for you), and place them everywhere.
  7. Share your goals and desires with someone that you trust.                      Discussing your dreams, goals, and future is invigorating. It intensifies your desire to take action and to dig deeper. When we discuss our dreams we begin to visualize the goal in more detail. The more you visualize, the more detailed your vision will become. The detail is where the magic happens! You must be sure to share this with someone that you trust and someone that you know will cheer you on as you take action. This is someone who will build your confidence and let you know that you can do it! We absolutely need to have someone to go to that will continue to cheer and give us the courage to press forward with making our dreams come to fruition.

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